At Mindful Tea, we aspire to create an environment that leads to mindfulness and meaningful work. Bringing a community of people together to engage in each persons respective craft and skills, we are able to offer the best tea, teaware and meditation products to our customers. When you join the Mindful Tea community, you belong to a group of people who live life fully and authentically!

Our Story

We are a small business that has the potential to grow into a positive force in this world, we believe that quite spaces of contemplation are necessary in today’s world.

Mindful Tea, was created in 2015 by Elias McQuade with an aspiration to create space for drinking tea in a mindful way. 

Mindful Tea is a tea company that specializing in the finest quality teas available from around the world.  We serve tea to our customers while practicing mindfulness and offer a space for periods of meditation.  In these trying times, more and more people are discovering the benefits of both tea and meditation.  Our tea sales keep our doors open, but the real treasuries don’t come through the gate. Ultimately, serving a cup of tea can heal not just ourselves, but our society.

Our current project is building a mobile tea house.  A space where people can come into contact with the dynamic world of tea and mindfulness.

Here are a few people that you are supporting with your patronage of our small company:

Ken Nagakui

Artist and Potter. Craftsmen of our Mindful Tea Cups.

Bill (Teido) Stephens – Blue Ridge Zen Group, Abbot and craftsmen of meditation bell and clappers

 About the owner: Elias was born in Manchester NH, in the winter of 1990. After being adopted, he spent his childhood as an ordinary kid – his family and friends call him by the nickname “Buddy”.  Since a young age, he remembers having thoroughly enjoyed a cup of tea.  Those first memories of being served PG tips from his mother, the kettle roaring in the background, patiently waiting for a cupa’ tea  with a heavy dose of milk and sugar. If that sounds like the start of an adventure, it’s probably because it was.  Leaving home to venture out into the world, Elias began studying International Business at Bryant University, concentrating in Finance and Entreprenuership, where he would become interested in and take a course on microfinance lending.  His first international trip would be the to the land that created those PG Tips, a month later in a brief study abroad, he would wind up serving tea to his peers in the National Tea Museum of China.   At the age of 24, fortune would have it that he was recruited to an International Graduate Trainee Program with Delhaize, a multinational food retailer, which fostered personal growth for future business leaders.  At that time, Elias realized it was time to take personal growth outside the scope of business leadership and so set off to study and master zen ‘sitting meditation’. Finding himself in Charlottesville, VA he took work in Tennis Coaching, Real Estate and Wealth Management, and dedicated himself to zen practice and was ordained in 2015.  After 7 years of periods with intensive practice in England, the United States and Japan, he invites others to share in the experience of ‘just sitting and having tea’.

Elias currently resides in Charlottesville, VA with his wife Elizabeth McQuade and their son Simon.

Please join us in working towards the well being of our shared human community.